Dec 22nd

Palo Alto Pictures of Hope Photographer • tiny baby girl

I met with this beautiful family this morning in the NICU to photograph their sweet baby girl.  Hoping and praying they will get to go home in time for Christmas.

For families with a child in the NICU please read more about the foundation here to find a photographer in your area.


Look at these big beautiful eyes- what a precious baby girl.





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  1. These are incredible. What a beautiful child. This is a fabulous service.

  2. These are soooo beautiful and I know the family will cherish them forever! Wonderful captures!

  3. Oh, she is truly so beautiful! And incredibly alert! What a beautiful gift you have given this family. My thoughts are with them this holiday season!

  4. Beautiful images, so sweet and touching. Prayers to the family.

  5. Wow, that gave me the warm fuzzies! She is gorgeous and the pic of her looking up at her dad while in mom’s arms was just so beautiful. Great job Leandra!!

  6. Josefina

    You captured her with beautiful eyes wide open. What joy she gives
    to her doting parents. Wonderful photos!

  7. kati

    what perfect images Leandra!!! I totally agree warm and fuzzies for sure!

  8. What an amazing job you’ve done here! Fabulous moments captured of a beautiful baby girl.

  9. Minnette

    Thank for taking these wonderful pictures of my family. Priceless moments captured. I hope they’re able to take her home soon.

  10. Dondette Belleza

    Thank you for the very beautiful pictures and the baby’s eyes reminds me of someone…


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