Dec 7th

Santa Clara, Ca newborn photographer • baby Brooklyn

This little peanut was so good to me today- not one accident on any of my stuff.  He did get his daddy pretty good but he politely went to sleep after the incident.  Thanks J & J for having me over today.



This was the first shot of the session.  A little unsure of what was to come and trying hard not to miss anything.



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  1. Oh, the first daddy/baby shot is just divine!

  2. Oh, WOW! simply beautiful. That first shot of dad and baby took my breath away. I love your processing, too.

  3. Fabulous work! He’s such a cute baby! I, too, just adore the first shot with Daddy. I WISH I had something like that of my husband with my kids.

  4. absolutely stunning!!! (dad and baby, heheheheh)

  5. You are outstanding. What beautiful photos! Thanks for helping out my sis & bro-in-law. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  6. Leandra – absolutely stunning work! I agree that first one is wonderful! Totally a big print in the babies room! LOVE IT

  7. Beautiful work Leandra, that first shot is amazing!

  8. nonni matteucci henderson


  9. Fantastic shots!! You can really tell how much he adores his baby boy! Beautiful!

  10. Loving the daddy & baby photographs!

  11. Gina

    So beautiful. I love them all.

  12. Grandma Mandy

    Beautiful. You captured all the love and cuteness.

  13. What an adorable baby (daddy too), he is just perfect and so precious!

  14. MI Smith

    Jenny and Jake – congratulations! He is absolutely precious…in the one shot he looks like BILL! Let me know when you need a sitter!

  15. Nancy Lynch

    Fantastic photos! What beautiful father and son shots. Congratulations and our best to you all.

  16. Great Aunt Tammi

    Good genes! Seriously… I’m breathless, speechless and these are priceless.


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