Jan 15th

San Jose newborn photographer • this little guy was good to me

At 5 days new this little guy was such a sleepy sweetheart.  He made my job so easy.  Just as I was packing up he started to make a little noise.  Hopefully he changed up his 3 hour crying routine and was good to you guys after I left.  It was so nice to meet this beautiful family today.  Hope you enjoy your peek…



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  1. Wonderful job!! Great tiny grin you caught at the end too 🙂 Loving the light in the first one!!

  2. What a dol–love the hair! They are all such beautiful images, Leandra!

  3. Tammy Stephenson

    That is the most precious thing I have ever seen! I am wiping my eyes right now. Beautiful.

  4. Love his scrunched look of concentration in the first one. Beautiful images!

  5. Love, love, love that first one! What a creamy background!

  6. Love those gray tones and that last one is adorable!

  7. LOVE these! i love your gray blanket. so gorgeous. he has the cutest little expression in the first one. so sweet.


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