Mar 30th

San Jose newborn photographer • “so in love”

I was so happy to meet this family and their new bundle of pride and joy.  I could tell just through my e-mail correspondence with mom that she had fallen madly in love with her new son and it was such a joy to see.  Seeing new parents gush over their new baby is one of the greatest things in the world.  I feel blessed and lucky to be able to catch a glimpse of this special love every time I photograph a new baby.

lee- web


And a “surprise” shot of their other baby the handsome Mr Riley.  I am kind of a sucker for labs being a lab owner myself so when the baby needed to eat and be changed I couldn’t help myself, I spent a little fun time with the family dog.


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  1. Gorgeous and I love the nest! Cute dog too!

  2. So precious!! Love the smile you captured in #3…the textures are wonderful! Aww, loving Mr. Riley. Great shots!

  3. Gasp!!! The light in that first one us breathtaking! Great captures!

  4. Aw, sweet little hint of a smile in the nest one:). Lovely images, Leandra!

  5. Gorgeous work, Leandra! Love the nest and your lighting is perfection!

  6. Oh, those first two!! Love them. He is such a beautiful baby!

  7. Gundra

    This little guy is so cute. Im so happy for the both of you. Congrats and enjoy. xoxoxoox

  8. It looks like you beautifully captured BOTH their babies(new peanut and the dog)!! I love those first two images!

  9. SO SWEET … such a little peanut! 🙂 love that bowl!

  10. Grandma

    Both my grandsons are beautiful. Can’t wait to meet Matty.

  11. Love the first one in the cheesecloth! And their puppy baby is so cute!


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