May 6th

San Jose baby photographer • 9 months old already

Everyone says they grow so fast.  With my own children I can attest to that cliche statement but with my baby planners it seems to happen even quicker.  It always seems like I just saw them and then here they are 3 months later a little bigger, a little more full of personality and a whole cuter each and every time.  I LOVE watching them grow it makes my job so fun and reminds how important it is to capture every inch of them before they change.

web10May02_076web10May02_030-2web-10May02_046bwAnd finally the last shot of the evening, we were actually done and I came back to this spot that was just a little too bright when we started and this sweet little guy gave us this…


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  1. What a cutie pie! I love every one of these!!!

  2. Oh, that last one is my favorite–so glad you snagged it!

  3. Awww, he is so precious.

  4. these are all perfect! that last one is awesome. what a handsome little guy!

  5. so, so cute!!! fabulously done, love the location!

  6. Awww, he is so cute! Love the locations!

  7. Sarah

    These are beautiful Leandra, I think Nolan needs some outdoor nature shots, hopefully he is sitting for his 6 months shoot…. what a beautiful baby boy he is, so happy. You captured all his personality.


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