May 24th

San Jose Senior Photographer • all grown up

Little change of pace for me this afternoon- not a baby but I’ve known her since she was pretty much a baby so when she asked me to do some casual senior portraits for her I couldn’t say no.  I had such fun with a subject that could actually take direction and didn’t run away from me.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE all the babies but this was a fun way to change things up.  This might have to be the sneak peek part one.  We bounced around to so many great locations I might need to post a few more later this week.


The peppers are not just a random pop of color, nope, they actually have significance.  One of the things I  remember most about this one from when she was little was that she would always come to class snacking on raw veggies and often it was peppers.  Don’t see too many young kids snacking on bell peppers so when I see colorful peppers guess who it reminds me of…




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  1. these are great! What a beautiful girl, and love the peppers. Her smile is amazing!

  2. What a gorgeous girl! I am just loving these, Leandra!

  3. These are beautiful!! What a gorgeous girl and I’m sure they love them all!

  4. These are just gorgeous Leandra! What a beautiful girl!!!

  5. Wow she is GORGEOUS!! really really gorgeous. I LOVE

  6. Oh, she is just so pretty! Great job.

  7. These are fantastic…wonderful job. I love all the outfit changes!


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