Jul 14th

San Carlos Maternity photographer • beautiful

I had the best time meeting with this family last weekend.  They are truly blessed to be welcoming another sure to be  beautiful baby into their family.  Just as I suspected before I even asked… big sister is hoping for a baby sister and soon to be big brother thinks the baby will be a baby brother- too cute!  I will eagerly be awaiting the arrival of this surprise baby.




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  1. Love how you put this blog post together – so cute! 🙂 Beautiful job!

  2. these are just stunning! what a gorgeous mom & adorable big brother & sister!

  3. Beautiful shots Leandra! Big sister and big brother are so cute!! I love their interaction with mom and the baby belly!!

  4. Beautiful job, Leandra! Love the ones of them together!!

  5. these are spectacular, leandra!!! what a pretty family!

  6. these are beautiful leandra!! what a perfect baby belly!

  7. Grammie

    Wow – those are so powerful – really captures the beauty of the moment !!

  8. Pure gorgeousness!! They look so beautiful and happy!

  9. Ingrid

    These are such nice pictures of your belly and soon to be in this world baby and beautiful kids.
    I think Caitlynn Joy is right about her sister.

  10. Barbara Venook

    What a great way to make the announcement of your next beautiful child. How lucky you all are! We look forward to the next summer get together with your dad, J and all the rest of you.

  11. What a cute family! These are so gorgeous.

  12. Wow, wow, wow! I just LOVE all of these, but if I had to pick a favorite, I think I’d have to go with the Mommy/Son one. Sweet!

  13. Cousin K

    I love these photos they are incredible. I wish I had a contest to enter as you would be my cadidate! AWESOME

  14. These are so beautiful! You’ve really captured the excitement and anticipation. I LOVE the ones of mom with each child.

  15. Jo and Noel


  16. These are perfect!!! Her belly is PERFECT!! and I love that second one 🙂


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