Jul 18th

San Jose baby photographer • C.U.T.E. CUTE!

This might be my largest sneak peek to date but I just could not narrow it down she was just too stinkin’ cute!


web-bella color

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6 Responses to “San Jose baby photographer • C.U.T.E. CUTE!”
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  1. Super super cute! Great work! I’m glad you didn’t narrow it down, I love seeing the great variety you got!!

  2. Shannon

    Those are amazing! Love them!

  3. These are perfect! She is seriously the cutest little girl. Love the variety, another amazing job!

  4. She is a cutie-pie, and she definitely loved you, Leandra!!! So many smiles!!

  5. Wow.. gorgeous! I love your black and whites. What a cutie!!! 🙂 And that last one.. LOVE!

  6. you are right simply adorable! LOVE that last one, great smile 🙂


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