Sep 16th

San Carlos newborn photographer • It’s a BOY!

Remember this beautiful family that was holding out to meet their newest member not knowing if it was a boy or girl, well meet the new baby brother…

web10Sep04_095Already very well loved and part of the bunch, just too precious.


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  1. Gorgeous! Congrats to them, beautiful work Leandra.

  2. Anna

    What a precious bunch of kids! LOVE that last pic of the baby, gorgeous!

  3. Just lovely. Congratulations to them! I adore the sibling shot!

  4. Michael Palet

    A wonderful snapshot of life!

  5. Beautiful job…LOVE those sweet wrinkles!!

  6. Oh how adorable!!! These are both so perfect!

  7. Ingrid

    Cutest bunch ever!!!!

  8. Absolutely adorable sibling shot!!


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