Sep 29th

San Jose baby photographer • a boy and his dog

I have to say I am loving this series of this little man and his dog. Is there really anything much cuter than a boy and his dog? It really shows how much he has grown in just a few short months too. Happy half birthday big boy!
charlie 6 month blog

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  1. Annie

    These are the best ones yet with the dog! How did you do it!!!

  2. He is super cute! I absolutely LOVE when families incorporate dogs into their sessions! Wonderful work!

  3. What a cutie! Sweet picture of him with his dog. Great job!

  4. Tracy

    These are so very special! I wish we were in California so I could get some like this of our Gracie.

  5. mary jo

    Annie and Leandra, I am so happy I brought you two together. This is magic, a boy and his dog adorable!

  6. Sue Pack

    Soooooo adorable. My favorite is the “boy and dog”. Too cute!!


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