Oct 27th

Pictures of Hope photographer • special times two

I met these two sweet baby girls at a special NICU session for Pictures of Hope.  Born at just 29 weeks these girls had already come such a long way when I actually met them at almost 36 weeks gestational age.  One of them was about to be on her way home with her sister hopefully following close behind (I believe they are both home now).  Little miracles…

poh lee web 2

web- POH lee

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  1. Aww…beautiful images the family will cherish forever! Bless them!

  2. What a special photo shoot. Cute little girls, I’m glad to hear they are doing well. You did an amazing job!

  3. Sue Haig

    OMG! How adorable are they! I love the picture of their feet and absolutely genuine smile of love from both mom and dad. Miss you all from Boston.


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