Jul 18th

san jose newborn photographer • tiny

I am pretty sure I could have put this one in my pocket.  My own baby girl is only 4 months old and she really was this tiny when she was born but why does it seem like such a distant memory already?  The fact that I can barely remember the week or so that she was this new and oh so tiny and fragile reminds why my job is so special and important.  They really are only this itty bitty for the blink of an eye.




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  1. I love that you blogged these!! Beautiful posing and light! Gorgeous!

  2. ahhh.. shw is just precious! I love love love that last one. That would make a stunning cavas!

  3. such a beautiful baby! Good work!

  4. What a doll! So beautifully done Leandra!

  5. Anna

    Gorgeous work Leandra, and a gorgeous baby!

  6. Julia

    I’m sorry Leandra, it does not get more precious than this!!! PERFECTION 🙂

  7. Awwww, these are so incredibly sweet. And you are right. It goes by so, so fast!!

  8. Stunning images, Leandra!!

  9. arlyn

    awww, cutie patootie! great shots!

  10. claire rustia felizardo

    Thanks so much Leandra! Those pictures are beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  11. Therese Gonzalez

    Simply adorable! Such an angelic face……

  12. Nancy M

    congrats to the new parents! May God Bless your little one and family! Take care.

  13. So gorgeous Leandra!!! What a beautiful baby.

  14. I love how that first one just captures the tiny essence of her newborn self. I feel like I can just pick her up and hold her in my palms! Beautiful captures!


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