Sep 19th

san francisco bay area photographer • special friend

Got together with a special photographer friend last night.  Angela always graciously entertains my crazy requests to shoot me with my baby girl and I jumped at the chance to return the favor.  We were quite the sight trying to stay glamorous while shooting for each other mean while keeping track of two little girls and a baby.  A circus indeed but when she posted this for me last night I was blown away and the chaos of the evening was well worth it. I hope she loves at least one of these as much as I loved what she did for me…

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  1. Julie

    These are absolutely gorgeous, Leandra and Angela!! Perfection!!! I would love to have images like this with my girls!!

  2. So gorgeous, all of them! Beautiful work Leandra!

  3. Beautiful!!!!! These are exactly what I would want of my girls and I.

  4. Anna

    These seriously brought a tear to my eye. I’m so happy you could do this for each other, so special and so important and I know all your girls will love looking at these as they grow up. Angela you are beautiful my friend!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love them so much!! I feel so blessed to have these memories! Thanks so much!!!

  6. Oh wow, love, love love!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. tina

    seriously amazing. Love Love Love

  8. These are beautiful, Leandra!!!

  9. kati

    These are so absolutely beautiful. I bet you girls were just a sight to see. Love these.

  10. Julia

    SWOOOOOOOOOOOOON, leandra. you did an amazing job with angela!!! absolutely beautiful photographs.

  11. oh my goodness! i can’t even start with how much i LOVE these!!!!!! just wonderfully perfect!!!

  12. Stunning!!! Leandra, these are gorgeous! I know Angela will cherish them forever. Well done, friend!

  13. aw! these are wonderful. such a gorgeous sunset. angela you are beautiful! and K is stunning as always!


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