Jan 30th

san jose child photographer • he was incredible

I had been looking forward to this session all week, a chance to see this little guy again.  He was one of my baby planners and after they graduate I kind of miss seeing them so often.  Here he is almost 2 years old and he has grown and changed so much.  We had a fun afternoon and did a few different things but I am pretty sure this set with his mama are my absolute favorites from today, possibly some of my all time favorite client images ever.  Parents are often hesitant to be in front of the camera with their children, I know I am but these are the kinds of images I know I treasure most and I hope they will too…

The way he is looking at his mommy who was singing to him in this picture completely melts my heart…

And a tiny peak at some of the other fun we had…

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  1. He is adorable! Love the light and location…so cute!

  2. These are so beautiful!! I love the way they look at each other.

  3. these are stunning! I adore the moments you captured with mom – you can tell he’s head over heels for her!

  4. Maggi Metheany

    Luckiest mom and grandma on earth. Thank you Leandra. These bring tears to my eyes.

  5. Deborah Nelson

    Wow- these are works of art! Just beautiful.

  6. So wonderful Leandra, what gorgeous work and what a handsome boy.

  7. Julia

    you captured some incredible moment leandra. beautiful!


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