May 20th

san jose newborn photographer • worth the wait

This big guy kept lots of people waiting to meet him more than a week past his due date but now that he is here there is so much of him to love.  He was such a sweetheart today for me and such a snuggly bug in my arms.  His mommy and daddy are so at ease caring for him you would never guess that he is their first.  What a lucky baby to be surrounded by such love…

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  1. So, so sweet, Leandra!! I love the last one so much.

  2. Carol Reeves

    Those are the cutest baby pictures I’ve ever seen! He is just a doll baby … what a blessing to have such great AND Godly parents! =)

  3. AWww….love your take on lifestyle!!!

  4. Lynnel Job

    Makes me miss him more…..Erica said that you were so good with Jarrett and the pictures prove you are wonderful at your job!!!! Thanks for sharing. Naunee

  5. Auntie Drea

    Oh my goodness miss my little 🙂 nephew already. You two have added another blessing to your blessed marriage and home you already have in place. Love you
    Auntie Drea

  6. Chad and Sheri Catrett

    Sooo sweet! What beautiful pictures. My favorite one is the one of the 3 of you on the carpet with your eyes closed.. So precious, God Bless you on your journey 🙂

  7. Aunt Ewana

    Look at those FEET! He does have far to go. What a gorgeous blessing he is. Handsome like his dad, soft intelligent eyes like his mom; yepper he has far to go. My heart is full. Yahweh God creator has blessed us all with Jarrett.

  8. LaDon and Faith Catrett

    What beautiful pictures!!! We are so happy for you…God Bless you.

  9. Gorgeous!!! love that first one all all of the lifestyle shots are just amazing.. beautiful!

  10. tina ramirez

    absolutely perfect! What a gorgeous baby!


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