Oct 28th

san jose family photographer • 2 dogs and their people

This session inquiry began as a request for a few pictures of the family dogs.  With some gentle encouragement it turned into a full family session capturing what I hope will be some treasured memories.  I can’t say enough how important these sessions are.  These are not just “pictures”.  They are images of a family sitting right in the sweet spot of life when the kiddos are all out of diapers but still small enough to sit in mom’s lap and jump on dad’s back.  A fleeting time when the last sibling of four still has all of his baby teeth.  Having just lost my father I think I am feeling a little extra sentimental and “mushy” about the subject of capturing memories for families.  Enjoy your pre-view beautiful family of six…

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  1. Kristina

    We love the pictures as well as the memories of the eventful day. I am so glad you encouraged us to do the full session. We well cherish these memories of our fleeting sweet spot. I’m sure we’ll blink and all the kids will be grown and we’ll be left with just the dogs. Thank you again we love the photos.

  2. What a handsome family, including the four-legged members 🙂 These will make for some great wall portraits!

  3. What a fun family! I love the smiles and the togetherness you captured!

  4. I LOVE the one of Dad with his sons. So perfect:-)

  5. Their smiles are infectious! Love these images of the family!


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