Jan 27th

los gatos baby photographer • baby doll

Such a sweet and beautiful baby.  It was so nice to meet y

It was hard work being so expressive…

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  1. So many perfect little expressions!

  2. Love the expressions! And what a beautiful sleepy portrait.

  3. Love the expressions. So precious!

  4. Love all the sweet expressions and the last one of her sleeping just melts my heart!

  5. Claudia Aguilar

    OMG!!!! these are adorable!!!

  6. Melissa Layton

    OMG that last one is so adorable! I just want to squish those cheeks.

  7. That last one is to die for…love those soft dark lashes!

  8. Love all the different expressions…so simple, love it!

  9. Love all those expressions! Such a sweet babe.


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