May 5th

bay area baby photographer • her eyes

Babies grow so fast.  When I wrapped this precious 4 month old up and started the session her mama realized in that moment just how much bigger she was from the tiny preemie peanut I met at her newborn session.  The rolls and the eyes on this baby … so much to love.  When we put her on the pink bed I had to do a double take, she looked like a perfect little baby doll.  And finally at the end of the session she had worn herself out.




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  1. She is adorable. Love them all. She has the most perfect smiles and chubby cheeks!

  2. What a gorgeous baby! So sweet!

  3. BH

    Stunning baby and beautiful job, of course.

  4. Eden

    OMG, her eyes are gorgeous!

  5. Ok…..I am not baby hungry at all now (NOT!)) 😉 Seriously though, she’s just too cute for words!

  6. Ooooohhhh! Her sweet expressions are priceless!


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