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May 26th

I am so honored and even a bit giddy when I am contacted by a former client letting me know that a sibling is on the way.  Knowing that I can help capture another very special time for a growing family just warms my heart.  Introducing the new baby sister…

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May 20th

This big guy kept lots of people waiting to meet him more than a week past his due date but now that he is here there is so much of him to love.  He was such a sweetheart today for me and such a snuggly bug in my arms.  His …

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Apr 7th

Someone is visiting her very special Nonnie this weekend and I couldn’t wait to meet her and take a few pictures.

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Mar 20th

  When they are this new and tiny and precious every tiny detail is fleeting.  I was so happy to capture some details of this little one so her mommy and daddy can remember this special time.

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Jan 30th

I had been looking forward to this session all week, a chance to see this little guy again.  He was one of my baby planners and after they graduate I kind of miss seeing them so often.  Here he is almost 2 years old and he has grown and changed …

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Dec 2nd

I was so eager and excited to meet this little guy and am equally as thrilled to share some of his first official photos here…        

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Oct 31st

I was so happy to hear that this beautiful family was welcoming another baby into their lives.  They are truly blessed with these two precious babies..    

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Oct 17th

The love these new parents have for this little girl was enough to make anyone smile.  My heart was full after this session.  Thank you for having me over for the afternoon.  

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Sep 25th

It has been almost 9 months since I last saw this little friend of mine.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at only 6 days old and I have truly enjoyed watching him grow up into the busy little toddler that he is today.  What a joy it was …

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Sep 24th

This sweet three month old gave me lots of smiles but when she was done she was out and we got a nice set of sleepy pictures as well.  There really isn’t anything more precious than a peaceful sleeping baby.

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Aug 22nd

Let me introduce you to some of my tiniest clients to date.  So sweet and perfect in every way…

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Aug 1st

Seriously, that is all his mommy had to ask and he just turned it on.  I have always said how much I love 8 month olds, they can usually sit but still not get away from me too quickly and they are just full of blossoming personality.  I have so …

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Jul 18th

I am pretty sure I could have put this one in my pocket.  My own baby girl is only 4 months old and she really was this tiny when she was born but why does it seem like such a distant memory already?  The fact that I can barely remember …

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Jul 16th

It has been such a pleasure to watch this little guy grow up this year…

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Jun 28th

Their first baby, the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents, surely this baby girl is going to be showered with love in so many ways.  This family has been blessed…

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Jan 5th

The busy holiday season seems to have gotten the best of me and I just could not keep up blogging all of my adorable clients and friends.  So here for the new year, in no particular order is some of what has been keeping me busy the last few months…

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Oct 27th

I met these two sweet baby girls at a special NICU session for Pictures of Hope.  Born at just 29 weeks these girls had already come such a long way when I actually met them at almost 36 weeks gestational age.  One of them was about to be on her …

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Oct 13th

This little guy was so sweet and smiley for me.  I was amazed to see how much he had grown since his newborn session and delighted to see his emerging personality- pure sweetness.

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Sep 29th

I have to say I am loving this series of this little man and his dog. Is there really anything much cuter than a boy and his dog? It really shows how much he has grown in just a few short months too. Happy half birthday big boy!

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Sep 16th

Remember this beautiful family that was holding out to meet their newest member not knowing if it was a boy or girl, well meet the new baby brother… Already very well loved and part of the bunch, just too precious.

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Aug 29th

This tiny peanut was so very wanted and loved before she even arrived it was a joy to see her parents bursting with pride to show her off.  It was my pleasure to spend some time with her today to capture her brand “newness”.  Don’t let the series of awake …

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Aug 11th

This little man knows how to turn it on.  Complete CHARACTER- gotta love him!

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Aug 11th

This little man was very serious when we met up.  Turns out the poor guy was cutting a tooth that must have been bothering him.  He made me work but was so very sweet.

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Jul 3rd

I get to watch them grow right before my eyes… I think newborn to 3 months is always the most dramatic difference that I see.  It is such a miracle that those tiny little beansprouts I get to meet in that early first week of life can just turn into …

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Jun 30th

This little man was the perfect newborn model today.  He was so sleepy I never even saw his eyes.  But I did get to swoon over his perfect lips and irresistible cheeks… And we even got big brother in on the action.  He was quite perfect himself for being just …

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Jun 19th

This little guy was wide awake for me when we got started.  Although it is usually ideal for babies to be sleepy  for a newborn session, it was a treat to get a few shots of his beautiful big blue eyes.  This little guy is going to be a heart …

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Jun 1st

Remember this little guy, well he is growing like a weed!  I couldn’t believe how much he has stretched out his I saw him all brand new 3 months ago.  He was so sweet and sleepy the day we met up. Here he is not too sure about the whole …

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May 6th

Everyone says they grow so fast.  With my own children I can attest to that cliche statement but with my baby planners it seems to happen even quicker.  It always seems like I just saw them and then here they are 3 months later a little bigger, a little more …

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Apr 18th

I have been meeting so many baby boys lately that it was fun to change it up today with this sweet (but feisty) baby girl.  I had been in contact with her mommy for a few months so I was anxiously awaiting today.  Here she is as dainty and sweet …

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Apr 16th

This sweet baby girl is one of my very first baby planners and I can’t believe that she is already past the 9 month mark and moving swiftly through her milestones.  It hit me tonight in going through her session images to post this sneak peek  just what a pleasure …

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