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Oct 12th

I love when babies return for their milestone sessions.  It never ceases to amaze me how fast they grow and change.  This baby girl was so fun and happy we got our more “formal” shots done quickly and easily.  But I think my favorite shot from the whole visit was …

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Sep 21st

This sweet baby girl came back to visit me today.  So beautiful and sweet and perfect.  Babies that sit and can’t quite crawl away at lightning speed yet are my favorite!!  She has grown so much and I am so blessed to help capture it. SaveSave SaveSave

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Aug 17th

This sweet little baby girl is already so adored by 2 handsome big brothers and her mom and dad.  It was lovely spending some time with this gorgeous family meeting their new addition. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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Jul 31st

This sweet baby boy arrived at a very healthy 9 pounds 15 ounces and is such a sweet cuddly bundle of love. I was so happy to finally meet him and so grateful for the chance to hold him for a bit. The first baby of the house was making sure …

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Jul 6th

Absolutely perfect.  This baby girl was so beautiful and new and content.  I enjoyed every moment I got to spend capturing every tiny detail for her family to remember the perfect baby sister that made them a family of four. SaveSave SaveSave

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May 14th

Catching up with newborn clients is always extra special for me.  Seeing how how much your baby has grown and changed in just a few short months is something I truly look forward to.  I loved catching up with this little guy and capturing who he has become in just 6 months.  This …

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Jul 15th

The out takes from this session might be some of my favorite images ever so rather than sharing “the perfect sibling shot” I thought I would share these instead. Enjoy!

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Jun 11th

I was fortunate to know this little guy’s great, great grandparents and his great grandparents. His great great grandmother was my grandmother’s sister. Growing up in an Italian family everyone in some way is your “cousin”. Meeting this little man was truly something special for me. Living proof that life …

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Apr 14th

This little guy has grown up so much.  I can see his baby face beginning to change and the big boy he is becoming.  I love that I have been a small part of witnessing this and capturing it for his family.  We had a fun afternoon exploring the ballpark. …

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Feb 18th

All babies are such precious miracles.  This tiny miracle (pictured here at just under 24 hours old) and her mama have already been through a lot together and I was so excited and happy to be able able to capture these moments for them.

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Feb 4th

This is one of my absolute favorite ages to capture.  They are still babies but they can sit and interact, yet are not quite fast enough to get away.  This one made things just too easy- so so very sweet.

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Oct 28th

This session inquiry began as a request for a few pictures of the family dogs.  With some gentle encouragement it turned into a full family session capturing what I hope will be some treasured memories.  I can’t say enough how important these sessions are.  These are not just “pictures”.  They …

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Sep 27th
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Sep 27th

I was so happy to meet up with this family again.  I did their newborn session and it was hard to believe that this precious tiny baby  has turned into a beautiful little girl already.

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Sep 27th


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Jul 30th

One of my favorite things is watching babies I met as newborns themselves become the older sibling.  All of a sudden they look a little bigger even though they themselves are still so little.  My 2 year old little friend is now a very proud big sister.

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Apr 22nd

This sweet bundle I met today surprised a lot of people with how big he was when he was born.  So much precious baby to snuggle and love, what a gift…

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Jan 3rd

This was cuteness overload.  I love this age!!!  8 months is so full of personality and this one did not disappoint.  

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Nov 23rd

It was a lovely afternoon I got to spend with this precious little guy and his very special family.

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Jul 28th

This is my friend and colleague Angela Chandler and her beautiful family.  I am so honored and humbled that she let me do this session for her.  I think being on the other side of the camera felt a little out of sorts for her but I sure hope she is …

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Jul 14th

I had a 9 month old session last week with the sweetest baby boy.  His big brother was so polite and helpful we had to let him in on some of the fun.

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Jul 8th

This sweet baby girl turned one soon after my own little girl this year so I knew what I was signing up for trying to capture an on the move toddler.  She was full of spunk and so expressive it made my job so easy and enjoyable.

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Jun 19th

This sweet pea was the first client I took after I having my own third baby.  I can’t believe a year has past.  My own baby has transitioned from baby to toddler in the past few months and I could see it starting to happen for this little one too. …

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Jun 15th

This little guy surprised a lot of people with his unexpected early arrival (as I am posting this he is technically still not even reached his due date).  Such a tiny little perfect peanut…

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May 30th

I was honored to be a part of this very special day for this family.  I first met this little guy when he was brand new.  It warmed my heart to see him so happy and surrounded by so much love today.

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Apr 7th

Someone is visiting her very special Nonnie this weekend and I couldn’t wait to meet her and take a few pictures.

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Mar 20th

  When they are this new and tiny and precious every tiny detail is fleeting.  I was so happy to capture some details of this little one so her mommy and daddy can remember this special time.

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Jan 30th

I had been looking forward to this session all week, a chance to see this little guy again.  He was one of my baby planners and after they graduate I kind of miss seeing them so often.  Here he is almost 2 years old and he has grown and changed …

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Dec 2nd

I was so eager and excited to meet this little guy and am equally as thrilled to share some of his first official photos here…        

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Oct 31st

I was so happy to hear that this beautiful family was welcoming another baby into their lives.  They are truly blessed with these two precious babies..    

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