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Aug 1st

Seriously, that is all his mommy had to ask and he just turned it on.  I have always said how much I love 8 month olds, they can usually sit but still not get away from me too quickly and they are just full of blossoming personality.  I have so …

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Oct 27th

I met these two sweet baby girls at a special NICU session for Pictures of Hope.  Born at just 29 weeks these girls had already come such a long way when I actually met them at almost 36 weeks gestational age.  One of them was about to be on her …

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Sep 29th

I have to say I am loving this series of this little man and his dog. Is there really anything much cuter than a boy and his dog? It really shows how much he has grown in just a few short months too. Happy half birthday big boy!

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Aug 11th

This little man was very serious when we met up.  Turns out the poor guy was cutting a tooth that must have been bothering him.  He made me work but was so very sweet.

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Jul 21st

I was so excited to get to see this guy on his actual birthday.  His party was the day before so he knew exactly what to do with the cake without a moment of hesitation.  Happy Birthday!!!

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Jul 3rd

I get to watch them grow right before my eyes… I think newborn to 3 months is always the most dramatic difference that I see.  It is such a miracle that those tiny little beansprouts I get to meet in that early first week of life can just turn into …

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Dec 28th

I have been waiting for this ittle guy since I found out he was a little bean back in September.  So excited to hear that he made his late but very healthy arrival last week and even more excited to finally meet him today.  He was a little on the …

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Oct 19th

This little guys mommy wanted to capture him in each season for his baby plan. I think we’re off to a good start with our fall session. Thanks for letting me put you in the crunchy leaves sweet little guy… And this one was not planned but it is almost …

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