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May 14th

Catching up with newborn clients is always extra special for me.  Seeing how how much your baby has grown and changed in just a few short months is something I truly look forward to.  I loved catching up with this little guy and capturing who he has become in just 6 months.  This …

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Jun 11th

I was fortunate to know this little guy’s great, great grandparents and his great grandparents. His great great grandmother was my grandmother’s sister. Growing up in an Italian family everyone in some way is your “cousin”. Meeting this little man was truly something special for me. Living proof that life …

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Jan 12th

What an honor it was for me to share this special day with this family.  I have never seen a bigger or more excited crowd gathered to welcome a new little life.  These are just a few highlights of the day from one week ago when this little girl made …

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Jul 14th

I had a 9 month old session last week with the sweetest baby boy.  His big brother was so polite and helpful we had to let him in on some of the fun.

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Jul 8th

This sweet baby girl turned one soon after my own little girl this year so I knew what I was signing up for trying to capture an on the move toddler.  She was full of spunk and so expressive it made my job so easy and enjoyable.

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May 26th

I am so honored and even a bit giddy when I am contacted by a former client letting me know that a sibling is on the way.  Knowing that I can help capture another very special time for a growing family just warms my heart.  Introducing the new baby sister…

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Jan 30th

I had been looking forward to this session all week, a chance to see this little guy again.  He was one of my baby planners and after they graduate I kind of miss seeing them so often.  Here he is almost 2 years old and he has grown and changed …

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Nov 17th

I feel so unbelievably blessed and lucky to now be shooting the siblings of babies that I photographed as newborns not so long ago,  it truly is an honor.  This big sister is still featured on my site as a newborn but look at the beautiful little person she has …

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