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Jun 28th

Their first baby, the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents, surely this baby girl is going to be showered with love in so many ways.  This family has been blessed…

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Jan 5th

The busy holiday season seems to have gotten the best of me and I just could not keep up blogging all of my adorable clients and friends.  So here for the new year, in no particular order is some of what has been keeping me busy the last few months…

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Oct 13th

This little guy was so sweet and smiley for me.  I was amazed to see how much he had grown since his newborn session and delighted to see his emerging personality- pure sweetness.

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Sep 29th

I have to say I am loving this series of this little man and his dog. Is there really anything much cuter than a boy and his dog? It really shows how much he has grown in just a few short months too. Happy half birthday big boy!

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Aug 25th

It has been a long streak of new baby boys for me lately it was fun to pull out some of the girlie stuff for a change.  This little peanut was one of the most happy and alert newborns I have ever met.  At only 9 days old she was …

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Aug 11th

This little man knows how to turn it on.  Complete CHARACTER- gotta love him!

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Aug 11th

This little man was very serious when we met up.  Turns out the poor guy was cutting a tooth that must have been bothering him.  He made me work but was so very sweet.

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Jul 21st

I was so excited to get to see this guy on his actual birthday.  His party was the day before so he knew exactly what to do with the cake without a moment of hesitation.  Happy Birthday!!!

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Jul 18th

This might be my largest sneak peek to date but I just could not narrow it down she was just too stinkin’ cute!

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Jun 19th

This little guy was wide awake for me when we got started.  Although it is usually ideal for babies to be sleepy  for a newborn session, it was a treat to get a few shots of his beautiful big blue eyes.  This little guy is going to be a heart …

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Jun 1st

Remember this little guy, well he is growing like a weed!  I couldn’t believe how much he has stretched out his I saw him all brand new 3 months ago.  He was so sweet and sleepy the day we met up. Here he is not too sure about the whole …

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May 6th

Everyone says they grow so fast.  With my own children I can attest to that cliche statement but with my baby planners it seems to happen even quicker.  It always seems like I just saw them and then here they are 3 months later a little bigger, a little more …

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Apr 18th

I have been meeting so many baby boys lately that it was fun to change it up today with this sweet (but feisty) baby girl.  I had been in contact with her mommy for a few months so I was anxiously awaiting today.  Here she is as dainty and sweet …

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Apr 16th

This sweet baby girl is one of my very first baby planners and I can’t believe that she is already past the 9 month mark and moving swiftly through her milestones.  It hit me tonight in going through her session images to post this sneak peek  just what a pleasure …

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Apr 9th

Well almost 3 and and almost 3 months- both ages that can keep me on my toes.  Little man was very serious today but so sweet and his big sister was awesome- I can’t believe how patient she was holding her brother such a sweetheart.

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Apr 3rd

We had so much fun with this little man today.  I feel like this 3 month age is the most challenging of all the baby stages to capture but this little guy proved that theory wrong- he was a rock star today, just a quick snack here and there and …

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Mar 18th

I had so much fun meeting this baby boy and his family.  Being an animal lover myself it is always a joy to meet a family bringing home a new baby to a home where their first baby was their dog.  This little boy is so lucky to be the …

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Feb 18th

Over the holidays I got a chance to do some quick maternity shots for my little cousin.  Hard to believe someone the same age as my baby brother is soon going to be a new mommy to two, most certain to be GORGEOUS, identical twin girls.  She is currently stuck …

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Jan 25th

I had a little visit from my seasonal baby planner today.  That’s right, we are trying to pull off seasonal themes – I think we can check winter off the list… He didn’t think we were very funny today but he was adorable and expressive nonetheless.

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Jan 24th

The stars aligned for me yesterday in Willow Glen- A cooperative, adorable big sister a beautiful family and very sleepy star of the show.  Enjoy your peek…

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Jan 15th

At 5 days new this little guy was such a sleepy sweetheart.  He made my job so easy.  Just as I was packing up he started to make a little noise.  Hopefully he changed up his 3 hour crying routine and was good to you guys after I left.  It …

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Dec 21st

He took a little bit to warm up but we finally found a word that he thought was funny and got a few smiles out of him.  Such a sweet handsome little guy…

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Nov 14th

I can’t stop smiling looking at this picture.  It isn’t the ideal 2 babies smiling at the camera shot we were working on but it is so sweet nonetheless.  She had her little power nap and was ready to roll but he just couldn’t fight to stay awake one more …

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