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Jan 20th

This little guy arrived over 3 months ago.  The wait for this baby brother was so very worth it for this sweet family.

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Jul 6th

Absolutely perfect.  This baby girl was so beautiful and new and content.  I enjoyed every moment I got to spend capturing every tiny detail for her family to remember the perfect baby sister that made them a family of four. SaveSave SaveSave

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May 14th

Catching up with newborn clients is always extra special for me.  Seeing how how much your baby has grown and changed in just a few short months is something I truly look forward to.  I loved catching up with this little guy and capturing who he has become in just 6 months.  This …

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May 5th

Babies grow so fast.  When I wrapped this precious 4 month old up and started the session her mama realized in that moment just how much bigger she was from the tiny preemie peanut I met at her newborn session.  The rolls and the eyes on this baby … so …

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Apr 27th

I want new parents to remember EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. of their babies. After the fog of the first few weeks lifts that perfect precious package has already begun to grow and change. When I am asked to do a newborn session I want to document and celebrate your baby for who she …

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Apr 14th

This little guy has grown up so much.  I can see his baby face beginning to change and the big boy he is becoming.  I love that I have been a small part of witnessing this and capturing it for his family.  We had a fun afternoon exploring the ballpark. …

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Feb 4th

This is one of my absolute favorite ages to capture.  They are still babies but they can sit and interact, yet are not quite fast enough to get away.  This one made things just too easy- so so very sweet.

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Apr 7th

Someone is visiting her very special Nonnie this weekend and I couldn’t wait to meet her and take a few pictures.

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Sep 24th

This sweet three month old gave me lots of smiles but when she was done she was out and we got a nice set of sleepy pictures as well.  There really isn’t anything more precious than a peaceful sleeping baby.

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Jul 16th

It has been such a pleasure to watch this little guy grow up this year…

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Jun 28th

Their first baby, the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents, surely this baby girl is going to be showered with love in so many ways.  This family has been blessed…

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Jan 5th

The busy holiday season seems to have gotten the best of me and I just could not keep up blogging all of my adorable clients and friends.  So here for the new year, in no particular order is some of what has been keeping me busy the last few months…

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Oct 13th

This little guy was so sweet and smiley for me.  I was amazed to see how much he had grown since his newborn session and delighted to see his emerging personality- pure sweetness.

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Jun 19th

This little guy was wide awake for me when we got started.  Although it is usually ideal for babies to be sleepy  for a newborn session, it was a treat to get a few shots of his beautiful big blue eyes.  This little guy is going to be a heart …

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May 6th

Everyone says they grow so fast.  With my own children I can attest to that cliche statement but with my baby planners it seems to happen even quicker.  It always seems like I just saw them and then here they are 3 months later a little bigger, a little more …

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Feb 1st

I was able to squeeze this little guy in for a session this weekend as he was just over the two week mark and we wanted to catch him before anymore of his “brand new-ness” wore off.  Even at 15 days he still made my job relatively easy.  I hope …

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Jan 24th

The stars aligned for me yesterday in Willow Glen- A cooperative, adorable big sister a beautiful family and very sleepy star of the show.  Enjoy your peek…

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